Sewing project (SchlaU-Schule)

Sponsored project: SchlaU Werkstatt für Migrationspädagogik (Workshop for Migration Education), sewing project

Responsible body: SchlaU-Schule München

Sponsorship since: 2013


The sewing project at SchlaU-Schule offers weekly two-hour sewing workshops to unaccompanied female minor refugees. SchlaU-Schule deliberately decided to do a needlework project, because the young women are culturally familiar with sewing and knitting, since these are valued handicrafts in their countries of origin.

At present, the participants in the project primarily come from various countries in Africa and the Middle East. Many of the young women are traumatized and stressed by the separation from their families and familiar cultural surroundings. Many of them are in the process of being integrated into the German school system at the time of their participation in the project, so that they can obtain a vocational qualification.

The sewing project offers a protected environment to its participants where they can make contact with each other and have small successes in terms of the principles of Maria Montessori: “Help me to do it myself.”

The sewing lessons are given in small groups so that individual attention is guaranteed. The young women learn how to make simple bags on sewing machines, or to knit or crochet caps and scarves. Although the handicraft is taught to the young women to the point of correct implementation, the focus is on playfulness and creativity.

The young women may develop their own ideas and designs and implement them. They learn patience, frustration tolerance, and the willingness to practice, while finding out that their efforts lead to success. Experiences, which they can adopt directly in their educational lives.

“In a situation in their lives when otherwise they are constantly required to adjust and make an effort, it’s good for them to experience that I am interested in their wishes, their preferences and ideas. In the beginning, they are often timid and wait for my instructions, but after some time they increasingly express their own ideas for their designs.”

Christel Klinger, Project Manager


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