Project:                                      Trauma-Sensitive Yoga* video project

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Sponsorship since:                  2018

Synchronization of TSY videos in different languages (Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Pashto, etc.) – available on the internet at no charge for those concerned.

We would like to thank you for your generous donation and your solidarity. Your donations have allowed us to start our video project. Maria Zemp, who works for medica mondiale among other projects, has successfully incorporated TSY into her training sessions. She initiated our project with her desire “to leave something behind” for those affected so that they may continue to practice what they learned from her. Dagmar Härle, who offers advanced training courses for TSY practitioners at her Institute at and has published several books on the subject, has produced several TSY videos in German that are available for free on YouTube to interested parties. We decided to dub two of these videos in different languages and also make them available for free on the internet. Through your donations, we were able to start working on an Arabic-language version and pay for the recording studio as well as a part of the interpretation costs. Our interpreters are female refugees themselves who have been affected and who are to benefit from the funds donated.

The German and Arabic videos are available online here. More languages will follow, thanks to your help, and will be provided via the same link.

*Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TSY) is an evidence-based, body-centered method that can be used in people with complex trauma in group sessions as well as in individual therapy. A key factor is the trauma-sensitive nature of instruction, which, apart from focusing on interoception and the sense of self, offers those who practice the method options and thus supports the experience of self-efficacy. For more information, articles and studies, visit

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