Sponsored projects

Moving Child supports selected projects worldwide. The pictures, reports and feedback speak for themselves:





Moving Child project locations

  1. Campus di Monaco, Munich, Germany
  2. Care for Rare, Munich, Germany
  3. mitSprache e.V., Munich, Germany
  4. Netzwerk Geburt und Familie e.V., Munich, Germany
  5. Psychosomatische Beratungsstelle e.V., Munich, Germany
  6. SchlaU-Schule, Munich, Germany
  7. Aid for refugees, Austria
  8. Häuser der Hoffnung, Mali
  9. Feldenkrais & Mathematics, Israel
  10. Lao Friends Hospital for Children, Laos
  11. International School, Laos
  12. International School, Thailand
  13. Hands with Hands, Nepal
  14. Medica Mondiale, Afghanistan
  15. Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Afghanistan