Sponsored projects

Moving Child supports selected projects worldwide. The pictures, reports and feedback speak for themselves:


Hands with Hands

Aid to refugees in Austria


Lao Friends Hospital for Children – Friends Without A Border

Netzwerk Familie und Geburt e. V.

Creative development:

mitSprache e.V.

Sewing project (SchlaU-Schule)

Archive – concluded projects:

Häuser der Hoffnung

Medica Mondiale

Project for traumatized women

SchlaU Übergang Schule-Beruf

  1. SchlaU-Schule Munich
  2. mitsprache e.V. Munich
  3. Geburt und Familie e.V., Munich
  4. Aidto refugees, Austria
  5. Häuser der Hoffnung, Youré, Mali
  6. Häuser der Hoffnung, Barbé Plateau, Socoura, Mali
  7. Hands with Hands, Nepal
  8. Lao Friends Hospital for Children, Laos
  9. Medica Mondiale, Kabul, Afghanistan
  10. Project for traumatized women, Kabul, Afghanistan
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