Moving Child supports financially disadvantaged babies, children, and teenagers worldwide.

Our main aim is to promote and enable access to basic health care as well as education and training.

We are pleased that you have found us – whether as a potential sponsor for our projects or because you are looking for support.

“We are moved by babies, children and young people who are looking for support for their own life plan.”

“We support projects that are a safe haven in crisis situations and offer contact, connection and protection.”

“Health and education are particularly close to our hearts. Our support projects give children support and space here.”


Visit to a school in Laos and harvest for the children’s hospital

A visit to the children's hospital in Luang Prabang, Laos, is very close to the hearts of our managing directors. To support parents and families in the camp outside the hospital with vitamin-rich food, the two brought fresh vegetables they had harvested themselves.

They also visited a school in the village and brought notebooks and pens. A very touching experience for us!

Moving Child Annual Report 2023

We look back on an eventful and moving 2023. Our supported projects are tireless, help in times of need, bring peace to individuals, make life more worth living, heal pain, are lifelines ...

We are touched to be a small part of this and very grateful for the valuable work! In our 2023 annual report, we provide an insight into our project work. We are entering a new year full of gratitude and look forward to many moments in which we can be there to provide support.

Moving Child has recently started supporting two other committed projects

In 2023, we began supporting two further impressive projects. One is the family center "Die Brücke" of the Albert-Schweitzer-Kinderdorf Berlin and the other is MainLichtblick e. V.. We are delighted to be supporting these two fantastic projects! We will be reporting in detail here on our website shortly. Here you can read the first information about it ...

Projects supported by Moving Child