The Moving Child Team

Anna Schulz-Dornburg

Founder and Managing Director

Physiotherapist, naturopathic practitioner, craniosacral therapist and dance therapist, crisis companion for the Outpatient Children’s Hospice and hospice companion for adults

“In my many years of therapeutic and process-oriented work, I was able to gain a valuable and diverse wealth of experience. I experienced again and again how people of all ages rediscover contact with their own bodies through dialogue in the therapeutic setting and gain confidence in their self-efficacy.

For this reason, it is very close to my heart to support infants, children and adolescents from poverty-stricken, socially disadvantaged, needy families in different ways.”

Gertraud Leimstättner

Managing Director

Naturopathic practitioner and astrologist, crisis companion for the Outpatient Children’s Hospice and hospice companion for adults

“Due to unfavorable life circumstances, children and adolescents are often exposed to changes that shake and deeply unsettle them. Supporting them in these challenging times of their lives to become able to act again and thereby have a choice is a concern of mine.”

Marcus Roth

Managing Director

„As the father of two children, I quickly became aware of how important good starting conditions are for children in their lives. This applies equally to health care as well as to their education and social interaction. Unfortunately, many children in the world have to spend their lives fighting against poor conditions and mitigating their consequences. It gives me great pleasure through Moving Child to contribute to making life a little easier and better for children in many ways.”

Gaby Barry-Randau

Public Relations

Copywriter and graphic designer, training in body-oriented and transpersonal psychotherapy

„To support the valuable work of Moving Child with my skills, knowledge and feelings is a great honor for me. A project close to my heart, in which my commitment is perfectly placed.”