We are very happy for the family center “Die Brücke” in Berlin! “Die Brücke” was awarded the Three Kings Prize 2024 – an integration prize for initiatives that promote the coexistence of people of different cultures, languages and religions. What great appreciation for the valuable work of the family center! Moving Child has been supporting “Die Brücke” since 2023.

Last year, we began sponsoring MainLichtblick e. V.. MainLichtblick used the funds to fulfill five very touching wishes and provide a ray of hope for children in need: a cargo bike for 1-year-old Fria, mobility for 14-year-old Nele, a communication device for 8-year-old Emilio, riding therapy for 6-year-old Ludwig and 7-year-old Lenni. The great joy and positive development of the children is wonderful to see.

The children at Morukutu Primary School in Namibia can finally sleep on real mattresses again. Thanks to the Outjenaho association – bright children’s eyes – which was able to realize the production and delivery of new mattresses in Namibia thanks to our donation, among other. So happy to see the beaming and grateful children with the new mattresses! A fantastic and important project!