February 25, 2019
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New developments in Luang Prabang, Laos


In November 2018, we travelled to Luang Prabang for the fifth time. We felt – despite our 9 months absence – immediately back home. Since we started supporting the children’s hospital, we have been deeply impressed again and again with the speed and dynamic with which it is developing. This fills us with deep gratitude, which we gladly share with all donors and supporters. The longer we were in contact with the children’s hospital, the more concrete became Anna Schulz-Dornburg’s idea and desire to support children and adults in their healing process after sickness, trauma, or surgery. Her plan was to offer holistic medicine in form of Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy to interested people and also for children after their treatment at the hospital.

The idea to organize a charity event for the children’s hospital took shape and the Ock Pop Tok Living Crafts Center kindly offered its premises. EAST MEETS WEST – was the translation of Ock Pop Tok, and that was the spirit we integrated in our project and in our work. The atmosphere was very fitting for the charity event and created a welcoming inter- and transcultural context. With flyers in English and Laotian, we reached out to people who were interested in charity events and wanted to experience Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. Additionally, a monk, and close friend of ours, supported the charity event as well, interesting many people from the Buddhist community.

We formed a competent and motivated team:
Anna Schulz-Dornburg, alternative medicine practitioner, physiotherapist, and cranio-sacral therapist, initiated, shaped, and supported the charity event through the power of her vision and her long-term professional experience.
Korn Sriwan, Spa manager and biodynamic cranio-sacral therapist, was and is an important co-organiser and acted as a bridge between cultures – both organisationally, therapeutically, and linguistically directly with the participants of the event.
Gertraud Leimstättner, alternative medicine practitioner, conducted the local organisation, gathered the anamnesis questionnaires, and, with the help of a translator, investigated the concerns and ambitions of each participant.

On the two days of the charity event, 22 adults and two children got into contact with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. The interest was encouragingly much greater than we expected. We were happy to find that in addition to the registered participants, a number of other interested people attended, whose curiosity about CranioSacral Therapy had been sparked by hearsay.

From the start, it was important to us to create an atmosphere of trust and orientation. Information, education, and the possibility for participants to freely decide how far they wanted to get involved, helped to make the charity event a full success. According to feedback, the participants got a taste of the possibilities available to them – how this method can help and lead them to improve their own holistic feeling with their structural, physical and energetic sensations, and to sense their autonomy and self-efficacy.


“I can feel my heart again”

“I feel internally upright and permeable”

“I have regained confidence in my leg and can strain it normally – 10 years after my accident”

The participants donated according to their resources. The entire revenues were immediately and directly handed over to the children’s hospital in Luang Prabang.

“We want to thank you very much for organizing the fundraising event in Luang Prabang. We received your donation and we wanted you to know that we truly value all the efforts you did and also the very nice involvement of the community you had in your event.” Anabella Coria Zavala, Director of External Relations Lao Friends Hospital for Children & Friends Gallery, Healing Children. Healing Laos.

In any case, these two days were a gift and truly fulfilling pioneering. Inter- and transcultural encounters took place in different contexts and it was a touching and enriching experience for everyone involved. For next year, a whole week of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is going to be offered in the course of a second charity event.




Very soon after our arrival, we visited the children’s hospital – curious about the progress and expansion of the neonatal station. It is now possible to medically treat and support 23 premature infants there simultaneously. An only 7-months-old baby was born during our visit at the hospital. We were able to witness how it powerfully expressed its strong will to live. This experience was deeply touching. Thanks to the medical care at the neonatal station, the chances of survival for these children are now very high. Just 3 months ago, this baby would not have had a chance of life.

Today, even children born with an abdominal cleft (gastroschisis) can receive life-saving medical treatment here. In “western” hospitals, a diagnosis such as this can be made already prenatally with ultrasound and if necessary be operated on immediately, but to date the medical care in Luang Prabang is far from that state of preventive care.

A heartfelt thank you to all donors, who supported and enabled the opening of the neonatal station with their generous donations.


Anna Schulz-Dornburg, founder and managing director
Gertraud Leimstättner, managing director
of Moving Child gGmbH


October 29, 2017
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Fundraising for Lao Friends Hospital for Children

Department for the treatment of thalassemia

With annual donations, Moving Child supports a department specialized on the treatment of thalassemia. This anemia, which is caused by malformation and depletion of red blood cells, is a hereditary disease prevalent especially in northern Laos. Untreated, it leads to developmental disorders, damages the heart and lungs, and causes enlargement of the spleen. This can have life-threatening consequences for children.

Further information can be found in the following video:


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Lao Friends Hospital for Children Fights Blood Disorder from Friends Without A Border on Vimeo.

We are very grateful to all donors who have contributed so generously to the Laos Friends Hospital for Children in Luang Prabang. The first fundraising event was an informative and also very touching experience. Nicole Pagoursis (first director) from New York told us about the fascinating history of the Children’s Hospital and the many children whose lives have been saved or greatly improved by medical help provided by the hospital.


In order to continue improving the life of Laotian children also in the future, Lao Friends Hospital for Children needs continual financial support.

“It is my heartfelt wish to introduce you to the Laotian Children’s Hospital, which I got to know on my journey through Laos.”
Anna Schulz-Dornburg

Neonatal and infant station

In 2016, when the Lao Friends Hospital for Children opened the Neonatal and Infant station in Luang Prabang, 6 beds still seemed enough. However, as the Children’s Hospital is the sole place in Luang Prabang where premature babies receive free medical treatment, the number of infants brought in right after birth is steadily increasing.The current plan is to double the number of beds. For this purpose, a part of the General Hospital in Luang Prabang, which is directly adjacent to the Children’s Hospital, needs to be rebuilt. Your donation will directly help to supply the station with the necessary medication and medical equipment.

Thank you very much!

August 18, 2017
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Health education at the Jigiya Bon Center

From October to June, Dr. Oumou Traoré, a Malian doctor, gives two hours’ health education a week at the Center for Girls, addressing all the issues concerning girls from puberty to adulthood: personal hygiene, dental hygiene, protection against infectious diseases (such as malaria, diarrhea, HIV infection), puberty, the menstrual cycle, fertility, sexuality, wanted and unwanted pregnancy, contraception, menstrual hygiene, female genital mutilation. The lessons are age-appropriate and the topics are discussed carefully and sensitively. Cultural, traditional and religious beliefs are also considered alongside a scientific medical approach.

In the course of these lessons, the girls also learn important skills. These include reading French out loud and confidently, group work, working out their own contributions, and researching into individual fields. The classes are attended with enthusiasm and curiosity by girls from the Center as well as external schoolgirls. Because the girls have so many questions and such need for conversation, an additional consultation hour has recently been introduced, held once a month. The girls are thus given safety in two respects: They learn to act confidently and are well informed. With their knowledge about the facts of life and their motivation, they can also act as influencers in their personal and school environment.

Click here to watch an Arte video:
Mali: The protracted struggle against female genital mutilation

August 18, 2017
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Malibelle Shea Body Butter

Treat yourself to something special and support education projects in Mali at the same time!

In the Häuser der Hoffnung e.V. online shop you can order Malibelle Shea Body Butter with different scents and also in a gift bag. The rich shea body butter by Malibelle is suitable for normal to dry skin and is quickly absorbed thanks to its delicate texture. It can be used as a body or hand cream, has a naturally soothing and smoothing effect, particularly on sensitive and irritated skin, and makes the skin feel soft and supple.

In addition to the subtle, cool “Aqua” classic, it is now also available with a refreshingly spicy “lemon grass” fragrance.

Fair trade
The shea butter used as an ingredient for Malibelle Body Butter is produced at the Häuser der Hoffnung manufactory in Siokoro. The manufactory is operated by the Jigiya Bon Siokoro cooperative founded by Häuser der Hoffnung together with three Malian associations. The sales proceeds are utilized to promote education and training projects in Mali.

In November 2012, Häuser der Hoffnung e.V. and the natural cosmetics manufacturer Börlind GmbH were jointly awarded the Innovation Award for Political Education in Developing Countries for this project by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation.

Organically produced
The shea butter from Siokoro is certified to Ecocert criteria for certified organic production. It is produced to the highest socio-ecological standards by natural cosmetics manufacturer Börlind GmbH.

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