Our most important criterion when deciding on supporting a project is to fulfil the purpose of our foundation.

Moving Child helps where children lack important resources. Our primary concern is to promote basic health care, education and training. In addition, we offer children a chance to playfully and experimentally relate to themselves and the world through exercise, music, and art. Supporting children and young people in developing self-confidence and self-determination in a balanced way is a matter close to our hearts and the motivation for our foundation’s work. Please have a look at our eligibility criteria.

Application process

Step 1) If you are interested in applying for support from Moving Child, please contact us first informally by email or telephone. We will then organise a digital or personal initial meeting to get to know one another.

Step 2) If the initial meeting is successful, we will ask you to fill in our application form. Completed application forms should be submitted by email – in German or English. If we have no further questions, we will make our decision and inform you within 4-6 weeks.

Describe your project in a brief and concise manner with all essential details and information, including your budget, your other sources of funding and the exact sum you are applying for.