Moving Child was founded in 2010 for children and young people in need.

Since 2018, we have extended our support to the pre-, peri-, and post-natal period as we have come to realize how important a good start in life is as foundation for later development. We provide support opportunities for parents and/or single mothers for the time around the birth.

Our work begins where infants, children, and young adults from financially disadvantaged families lack vital resources. Our main objective is to promote primary health care (medical, naturopathic, psycho- and trauma-therapeutic), and school education and training.

The distinguishing feature of Moving Child is the close and very personal contact with the people and projects we support.

Our desire is to support babies, children, and young adults to find and realize their own life plans. We support their development and promote a future in which they can live sustainably and in harmony with their environment.”

Young people from financially disadvantaged families rarely have access to the resources of school support, creativity and bodywork. Creative offers are often only in exceptional cases part of the regular services and do not count to the basic supply. Children who grow up in a disadvantaged situation often find themselves in crisis situations, which are seldom intercepted and supported from the outside due to unfavorable conditions. These young people quickly lose their footing and are unable to develop their potential in the course of their further development.

If it is a child who is seriously or even life-threateningly ill, the challenge for the child and its relatives is usually particularly great and life-defining. Moving Child would like to support children and siblings as well as their parents in such times of fear, helplessness and grief with different possibilities. Moving Child promotes projects that help families to find support even in these emotionally very stressful times.

Moving Child starts where children lack important resources – for example, we offer the opportunity to relate to themselves and the world through movement, music and art in a playful and experimental way and to experience bonding. Supporting children and young people in their development of self-confidence, self-awareness and self-determination is a matter close to our hearts and the motivation for our foundation’s work.