Eligibility criteria

The focus of our funding activities is the support of German, but also foreign projects and associations that work in the fields of basic health care as well as education and training for socially/financially disadvantaged children and young people. Furthermore, projects from the areas of creative promotion are supported within the framework of leisure and holiday programs.

Applications are possible regardless of the nationality of the applicant and the location of the project. The main decision-making criteria are the proven neediness of the applicant or target group, the expressed need for the funding, as well as the charitable, non-profit nature of the project.

In the application, clear statements about the time and cost plan and evaluation criteria for the project are expected. If you have any questions about the application or the suitability of your project, please contact us by phone or email.

Projects from the following areas are funded:

  • Child and youth health (also prenatal)
  • Education projects for socially and / or financially disadvantaged children and young people
  • Creative and body work (music, dance, art, theatre, etc.)

In the past, funding has been approved e.g. for the following projects:

  • Child health projects (funds for the setup of a neonatal ward and a thalassemia ward in a hospital)
  • Health counselling services (psychological counselling costs for expectant mothers and for traumatised children)
  • Salaries for educational and health care professionals (e.g. Child Life Specialists in a children’s hospice, integrative learning therapy, child health educational program in a Laotian hospital)
  • Education fees (school fees, sponsorships, tutoring or training costs)
  • Creative workshops: art and psychological support for young people
  • Theatre projects for children and young people
  • Exercise offers (Feldenkrais with students)
  • Excursions
  • Construction costs (sustainable children’s home, hospital library)

In the case of project proposals lasting several years, a 3-year pilot project can be funded, which is evaluated annually. If the evaluation is good and progress is recognizable, funding can be continued over longer periods of time. Fixed long-term funding is excluded.

The following projects and associations are not funded:

  • If the funds can also be obtained elsewhere. No sufficient need can be shown.
  • If adult education is applied for that will not at least be of indirect benefit to children or adolescents
  • Purely scientific research projects