Touching rays of hope for children in need

Last year, we began sponsoring MainLichtblick e. V. MainLichtblick used the funds for five very touching wish fulfillments and rays of hope for children in need:

A cargo bike for 1-year-old Fria, who suffers from a visual impairment and global developmental delay. Thanks to the cargo bike, Fria can now sit safely and comfortably, making family outings much more relaxed and enjoyable.

Mobility for 14-year-old Nele. Nele suffers from a metabolic disorder. Over time, she loses her learned bodily functions and is therefore dependent on a wheelchair. She recently received a new larger wheelchair, so a new car suitable for the disabled was needed. While searching for a used car, the family found what they were looking for and MainLichtblick was able to contribute to the financing.

A communication device for 8-year-old Emilio, who has a speech development disorder. Communicating is a great challenge for him and there are many moments when he is misunderstood by those around him. With the special communication device, he was able to find the most important words and sentences for him after just a few days. Every day he is able to communicate more and more using the device.

Riding therapy for 6-year-old Ludwig. Trisomy 21 causes him to have poor concentration and problems with his motor skills. At the same time, he finds it difficult to socialize with other children. Ludwig wanted riding therapy. Through riding, his motor skills and muscles are developing better and better. Since Ludwig has been riding regularly and caring for his horse Tao, he has also become more persistent and focused.

Therapeutic riding for 7-year-old Lenni. Lenni has glaucoma and is very sensitive to light. He is severely visually impaired and has already undergone several operations. Lenni has taken his horse Polly very much to his heart and the development he is making is wonderful to see.