Building bridges in the family center of the Albert Schweitzer Children’s Village Berlin

We are very happy for the family center “Die Brücke” in Berlin! “Die Brücke” was awarded the Three Kings Prize 2024 – an integration prize for initiatives that promote the coexistence of people of different cultures, languages and religions. The jury honored the family center in particular for “the wide range of services that make an important contribution to integration, the great commitment of the volunteers and the integrating function in the social space”. A great public appreciation for the valuable work of the family center! Especially in times when it is becoming increasingly difficult to draw attention to the needs of refugee families. “Building bridges” is not only a project close to the heart of the Family Center, but also one close to the heart of Moving Child. In this project, we are funding the part-time position of a pedagogical specialist as well as honorarium funds for the targeted language support of children. “Building Bridges” is a central component of the work with families there and therefore offers many important opportunities for refugees and migrant families to meet and learn languages.