AETAS Children’s foundation

  • Project: Child-Crisis-Intervention
  • Responsible body: ATEAS Kinderstiftung (Children’s foundation)
  • Supported since 2021

The AETAS Children’s foundation was founded by the Munich-based funeral home ‘AETAS Lebens- und Trauerkultur’ and has set itself the goal of caring for children after a traumatic event. The foundation provides professional child-crisis-intervention and their work, which is unique in Germany, goes far beyond first aid. Children between the ages of 0 and 17, as well as their relatives, can take advantage of the offers of the AETAS Children’s foundation. The offers include acute counseling (shortly after the incident), regular counseling (up to 1 year after the incident) and group activities (such as climbing, creative weekends, festivals of lights). The AETAS Children’s foundation is unique in that it closes the gap between first aid (emergency care) and care that is necessary in the event of illness as a result of the trauma. The AETAS Children’s foundation provides preventive care also if no “illness” has (yet) been diagnosed, but a traumatic event has occurred.

Moving Child supports the ATEAS Children’s foundation with the financial means for a staff position and tutoring offers.

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