• Project: Trauma therapeutic workshop
  • Responsible body: Campus di Monaco (International Montessori School)
  • Supported since 2019

The international Montessori School Campus di Monaco that opened in September 2019 in Munich is a very special kind of school. Their integrative approach, which includes working with young people of different cultural, religious, and financial backgrounds, is exemplary. Half of the students at Campus di Monaco are children and teenagers, who are refugees or come from families with a migration background. An important teaching approach at the Campus di Monaco is guiding the pupils towards internalising the ideas of open-mindedness, democracy, and tolerance. This approach aims to strengthen the personal responsibility of young people in our diverse society. Their other focus areas are a strong language education and preparing the students for the transition into the working world or to secondary schools.

The inclusive approach and the creative program of the Montessori school immediately impressed us, which is why Moving Child has been supporting Campus di Monaco and especially their trauma therapeutic workshop, in which the students with refugee experience, who often have to deal with difficult experiences and traumas, are led in small steps to regain self-confidence and to experience self-efficacy again.

Have a look at their concept and school in this video.

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