Moving Child supports the international Montessori school Campus di Monaco in Munich the trauma therapy workshop since 2019

The international Montessori school Campus di Monaco in Munich, which opened in September 2019, is a very special kind of school. The integrative approach, which involves working with young people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and financial situations, is exemplary. Half of the pupils are children and young people who have experienced flight or migration themselves. An important teaching approach at Campus di Monaco is to educate all pupils to be open-minded, democratic and tolerant, which strengthens young people’s personal responsibility in our diverse society. Other focal points include language development and preparing students for the world of work and careers, as well as preparing them for secondary schools such as technical colleges.

We were immediately impressed by the Montessori school’s inclusive approach and creative program, which is why Moving Child has been supporting the Campus di Monaco since 2019, particularly its trauma therapy workshop, where students who have fled their country and often have to deal with serious experiences and trauma are guided in small steps towards regaining self-confidence and experiencing self-efficacy.

After exciting founding years in Munich’s southern railroad station district, the Campus di Monaco has finally landed successfully in Munich-Neuperlach in 2022 in a bright and sustainable wooden school building. In addition to the secondary school, an elementary school with inclusive after-school care was opened in the new building. Today, over 80 Ukrainian children and young people are also part of the school family.

Official opening of the school in 2023

Video channel about the school concept and the premises of Campus di Monaco.

Website Campus di Monaco