Campus di Monaco – ceremonial opening with boat launching

After exciting founding years in Munich’s southern station district, the young international Montessori school Campus di Monaco has finally landed successfully in Neuperlach in a bright and sustainable wooden school building since 2022.

In addition to the middle school, an elementary school including an inclusive after-school care center was opened in the new building. Today, over 80 Ukrainian children and young people are also part of the school family. With a big parade for diversity, the self-built break boat was ceremoniously placed on the roof of the new school building with a crane. This had to be celebrated!

On Thursday, June 29, 2023, the school opened its doors and, as part of the Neuperlach Ramersdorf District Culture Days, invited the neighborhood and all interested parties from the urban community to attend the official inauguration and get to know the school as well as the many cultural education offerings.

The highlight was the ceremonial christening of the break boat on the roof. A great and communal celebration!