The Care-for-Rare foundation is an initiative that supports children with rare diseases and gives them hope for a cure. According to the motto ‘identify – understand – heal’, it forms a bridge between doctors, scientists, and patients and creates access to medical care, regardless of the ethnic, ideological, religious, or financial backgrounds of those affected. Through the Care for Rare foundation Moving Child got into contact with the Child Life Specialists program at the Dr. from Hauner children’s hospital in Munich. Since March of 2020, Moving Child is financing two child specialists at the Dr. von Hauner children’s hospital, who psychosocially take care of inpatients; e.g. go to treatments with them, when the parents cannot be present, and are in the recovery room with the children.

Hospitalization, surgeries, and other treatments are often scary and unsettling for children; especially when their parents cannot be with them. It is very important to us that children can feel safe and secure, especially in difficult situations that can trigger fears and even trauma. The work of the child life specialists is a very important one and we are happy to contribute to the well-being and healing of the children at the Dr. von Hauner children’s hospital.

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