• Project: School fees for children in Lao and Thailand
  • Responsible body: International Schools Luang Prabang and Phuket
  • Supported since 2015

Education is a keystone for success and independence in life. It enables lasting and unrestricted development, offers life-changing career opportunities, and most importantly creates fundamental freedom for the development of personal skills. All children deserve an education independent of their origin or the financial means of their family.

Nevertheless, many children worldwide are denied the right and the opportunity to get access to educational programmes even today. For many families it is simply impossible to afford school fees and thus a lasting education for their children. Moving Child currently enables six children to attend the international school in their home cities in Laos and Thailand. This funding is long-term and in part even includes the kindergarten time. This ensures optimal support for children from early childhood until high school graduation. Moving Child is in constant, close contact with the families and schools in order to offer the children the best individual and comprehensive support possible. The success and progress of the children, which are visible after just a few days, moves and elates us.

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