Jambo Bukoba Association

  • Project: Sanitary products for girls in Tanzania
  • Responsible body: Jambo Bukoba e.V.
  • Supported since 2021

The Munich-based association Jambo Bukoba is committed to equal opportunities, health, and education in Tanzania. Through self-designed sports units and improvement of the sanitary conditions, girls and boys are given the opportunity to participate regularly and equally in everyday school life.

Founder Clemens Mulokozi has a strong connection personal to Tanzania. In order to use his privileges for the people in Tanzania, he founded the association Jambo Bukoba in 2008. The association has full-time employees in Munich and Tanzania, which allows close networking and solidarity with the practical aspect of the association’s work. The main concern of Jambo Bukoba’s work is “education through sport”, which particularly affects the topics of HIV, WASH hygiene, menstruation, self-confidence and self-image among girls. The work includes, among other things, the training of trainers and teachers in specially developed learning games, the organization of games between schools, and the support of school building projects. The aim of the games is to highlight the role of girls and to create an understanding of equality. At the same time, the supply of hygiene articles and washrooms (“Menstrual Hygiene Rooms”) allows girls to take part in school lessons even during menstruation. Evaluation is very important to the association and they aim to not only improve school education, but also to reduce the difference in grades between girls and boys.

Moving Child supports Jambo Bukoba e.V. for five years by financing sanitary articles for girls in Tanzania.

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