Moving Child supports MainLichtblick e. V. in Frankfurt a. M. Heartfelt wishes of seriously ill children, e.g. therapies since 2023

MainLichtblick e. V. fulfils the personal wishes of seriously ill, physically impaired and traumatized children and young people in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan region, giving them individual rays of hope.

For children and young people who suffer from serious illnesses and have to endure life crises, moments of happiness are a long way off. In these situations, they often suffer from anxiety and social isolation. The fulfillment of a heartfelt wish brings joy and happiness and shines a light into the future.

In 2023, over 400 wishes have already been fulfilled for over 3,000 participating children. Nevertheless, there are currently around 200 unfulfilled wishes. Moving Child helps to fulfill some of them, for example special therapies, therapy bikes, etc.

Fulfilled rays of hope 2024