Netzwerk Geburt und Familie e.V.

Since 1986, the Network Birth and Family (registered association) in Munich offers services for women, families and children. All of their offers are aimed at supporting people in their self-perception of their self-reliance.

As part of various projects, long-term unemployed women – including many mothers and single parents – are employed and professionally qualified. Most women suffer from the consequences of abuse, violence, trauma or chronic illnesses. The aim of the projects is to stabilize these women through education and work – with joy and creativity – so that they can increase their chances of integration into the general workforce or, wherever possible, directly transfer them to a suitable employer.

Moving Child supports several preventative medical services in the framework of the network. These include group activities, such as courses on “exercise and relaxation”, “breathing and voice”, dance therapy courses, offers for the pelvic base and body posture, gyrokinesis and creative classes in the form of art therapy.

Moving Child finances therapist fees and the furnishing of the rooms as well as smaller purchases (e.g. swim passes).

“Not only through our own studies, but also in our day-to-day life, we have experienced that intensive preventative medical measures have a very positive effect on the individual women and their children. We also notice these effects through better mood, improved concentration and reduced periods of absence in the workplace.”

Eva Müller

Moving Child director Anna Schulz-Dornburg offers dance therapy within the framework of health promotion in the Network Birth and Family on a voluntary basis. Her thesis work entitled “Die Würde bewahren (Preserving Dignity)” describes her experiences in the period from 2013 to 2017 within this project. You can view her thesis on Dance Therapy Training (diploma thesis) here.

“In today’s industrial society, employment is considered an important pillar of identity. Unemployment is seen as a blemish by those affected and also by society as a whole. Long-term unemployment also leads to self-depreciation and feelings of shame. It often triggers strong feelings of helplessness and means exclusion and restriction of self-determination in social life. The main purpose of my dance therapies and interventions is to allow women access to their inner resources and to more joy and freedom in their own lives.”

Anna Schulz-Dornburg

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