Our goal

Children all have one thing in common: curiosity and a spirit of discovery

Relationships and attachment are crucial for the development of children. They need secure relationships to fully explore their curiosity and develop their potential. For those children who have been overwhelmed by difficult living conditions and/or traumatic events, we offer access to professional trauma therapy.

Our common goal is to support the development of babies, children and adolescents so that they can grow into independent, emotionally mature adults. Through a positive and successful search for identity, children should be given the freedom to live creatively and independently, and actively participate in our modern society. This development is especially supported by a healthy and natural interaction with the surrounding nature. For this, the sustainable use of our natural resources and the preservation of natural habitats is essential. Therefore, we also support conservation projects, in order to enable children to grow up and live healthy in balance with their environment.

Moving Child wants to make a lasting contribution to ensuring that children have access to the resources they need to develop, regardless of their social and cultural background.

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