“Moving Child promotes the individuality of babies, children and young adults”

The social and emotional development of children and adolescents permanently benefits from opportunities for play and movement, art and music. Nevertheless, creative therapies are rarely part of the regular catalogs of health insurances and public school systems. First and foremost, these offers are open to children and young people from privileged families. Thus, we promote projects that also allow children from disadvantaged backgrounds access to creative activities.

In some cases, we also provide expertise from our practical work on an unpaid, volunteer basis.

Underprivileged and immigrant families often value traditional school education in order to enable their children access to our society. Because we want to reach out to these people, we also support projects that focus solely on education, whether it’s for language learning or achieving a certified education. Therefore, education funding has become one of the main focuses of Moving Child.

The distinguishing feature of Moving Child is the close and very personal contact with the people and projects we support. This way we are able to make individual and unbureaucratic decisions from the beginning. It also allows us to specifically select projects that do not fit into the usual scheme of other funding programs.

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