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“Moving Child promotes the potential that arises from the uniqueness of children and young people”

Children and young people are effectively encouraged in their social and emotional development by play and exercise, art and music. Nevertheless, creative therapies rarely find their way into the regular benefits provided by health insurance companies and state school systems, but are primarily accessible to the economically privileged. In the interests of social equalization, we therefore sponsor projects that also give disadvantaged children access to creative activities.

Especially today, at a time when many people have a sedentary lifestyle, it makes sense to encourage physical activity and bring children and young people into contact with music and rhythmic expression but also teach them about relaxation and attentiveness methods. In this context, we offer financial support to educational institutions and independent social projects. Occasionally we also provide capabilities related to our practical project work on a voluntarily basis.

Disadvantaged families, for example, or families with immigrant backgrounds often place importance on a traditional education path to allow their children access to our society. Since we are aiming to reach these people, we also support projects that exclusively focus on education, such as for language learning or for gaining a certified educational qualification. Therefore, education has become one of the priority areas of Moving Child.

Personal contact is at the heart of Moving Child. We are continuously in touch with the people and projects that we sponsor. On this basis, we are able to make individual and non-bureaucratic decisions from the outset. As a result, we can also choose projects which do not fit the usual categories of sponsorship programs.

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