• Sponsored projects: Financial aid for the farm
  • Responsible body: Paulihof – Kinderhilfe gGmbH
  • Sponsorship since 2021

The Paulihof – Kinderhilfe gGmbH is a therapeutic residential group for traumatized children and adolescents, which places great importance in work with animals. The farm has been around for 17 years, but it was only last year that the Paulihof became an independent organisation. The Paulihof is home to 7 severely traumatized children, some of them stay for many years. The children are involved in the animal care on the farm and have a reference animal for which they are responsible. The work with the children and animals on this farm is very special and helps them to find protection, security and regain a feeling of trust.

Moving Child supports the Paulihof with subsidies for leasing the property and animal food.

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