Moving Child supports the Paulihof – Kinderhilfe gGmbH with a subsidy for the lease and animal feed since 2021

Paulihof – Kinderhilfe gGmbH is an inpatient curative-therapeutic residential group for traumatized children and young people, which takes a healing pedagogical approach using animals. The facility has been in existence for 17 years, but Paulihof only recently became independent as a gGmbH. Paulihof is home to 7 severely traumatized children, some of whom have been there for many years. The children are involved in caring for the animals on the farm and have an animal that they are responsible for and “need”. The interaction with the children and animals on this farm is very special and helps them to find protection, security and trust and to be able to engage in relationships again.

Moving Child supports the Paulihof by subsidizing the lease and the animals’ food.

Impressions of the Paulihof