• Project: Integrative Learning Thearapy
  • Responsible body: Qunioa Bildung gGmbH
  • Supported since 2020

The Quinoa School is a private school in Berlin-Wedding with a special goal: all young people in Germany should have the chance to graduate from school, regardless of their social and cultural background. Through individual and linguistic support, relationship and family work, professional orientation, intercultural learning and behaviour management, the students at the Quinoa School gain the most important skills to leading a successful and fulfilling life. In addition, the teachers follow a personnel concept that gives them a lot of creative freedom to perform their role as learning companions and education enthusiast in a long-term and healthy manner. Moving Child funds the project “integrative learning therapy”, which is intended for the development of an individual learning plan for children in need and aims at strengthening the self-reflection, motivation and self-efficacy of the students.

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