Moving Child supports the Quinoa School in Berlin integrative learning therapy since 2020

The Quinoa School is a private school in Berlin-Wedding with a special goal: to give all young people in Germany, regardless of their social and cultural background, the chance to graduate from school and make a connection.

Through individual and language support, relationship and family work, career guidance, intercultural learning and behavior management, the students at Quinoa School are given the most important skills to lead a successful and fulfilling life. In addition, the teachers follow a staffing concept that gives them plenty of scope to fulfill their role as learning guides and educational enthusiasts in a long-term and healthy way. Moving Child finances the “integrative learning therapy” project, which is designed to develop individual learning plans and strengthen pupils’ self-reflection, motivation and self-efficacy.

The learning support shows, for example, that 80% of pupils in the seventh grade have improved their spelling skills as a result of the activities co-developed and personally supported by the learning therapy team. In 2024, the Quinoa School will be celebrating its 10th anniversary and we are delighted with the positive developments.

Impressions from the Quinoa School