What moves us

Our desire is to support babies, children, and young adults to find and realize their own life plans. We support their development and promote a future in which they can live sustainably and in harmony with their environment.”

Young people from financially disadvantaged families rarely have access to educational support, possibilities for creative expression or bodywork. Creative offers are only included in regular health insurance plans in exceptional cases and are not considered primary health care. Children growing up under disadvantaged conditions frequently find themselves in crisis situations, which are then rarely effectively diverted and support from the outside is often lacking. These young people quickly find themselves in a downward spiral and cannot achieve their full potential.

The work and support of Moving Child starts where children lack vital resources. Our main objective is to enable access to primary health care, and school education and training. In addition, we offer children the opportunity to playfully and experimentally experience themselves and relate to themselves and the world through movement, music and art. They are allowed to gain experience that extends their horizons cognitively, physically and emotionally. This offers them the opportunity to experience relationship and attachment. Supporting children and young adults to develop self-trust, confidence and self-determination is our heartfelt desire and the motivation for our work at Moving Child.

Humans are, in all their activities and interactions, dependent on their environment and the surrounding nature. In order to facilitate and support a sustainable, holistic and active lifestyle, Moving Child also promotes international relations in the interests of nature conservation and ecology.

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