Moving Child supports the educational and cultural association BIKU e. V. in Munich the "Mädchen an den Ball / girls kicking it" project in Munich since 2021

The Munich Educational and Cultural Association (BIKU e.V.) organizes free soccer training with an integrative approach for girls with and without a migration background under the title “Mädchen an den Ball” (Girls on the Ball).

The program has been running since 2007 and now takes place in six districts of Munich. Girls come together, interact and communicate through sport. “Mädchen an den Ball” is aimed at girls between the ages of 6 and 17, for whom there are often fewer extracurricular sports activities on offer. Sport conveys new self-confidence and strengthens social and intercultural skills. The aim of the program is to give girls the opportunity to interact free of gender constraints and role models, and in doing so, to shed external expectations.

Moving Child supports BIKU e.V. by funding the training of female coaches to strengthen the staff at the sports grounds.