Feldenkrais & Mathematics

  • Project: Feldenkrais method in math lessons
  • Reponsible body: Dr. Eilat Almagor (PhD)
  • Supported since 2019

Dr. Eilat Almagor adapted Feldenkrais movement sessons to the classroom setting of first- and second-grade children.

In a two-year pilot study in Keshet School (Jerusalem, Israel) the Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® method was taught to the children twice a week. During Feldenkrais sessons, students experience how their bodies react to the guided movements and study the many variations that present themselves in every action. These movements and self exploring sessions are key to learning tools in early development and should help to impact other learning and problem solving domains. Contrary to what might be expected, the volume of material covered in all the experimental classes increased, despite the fact that some of the time was spent in movement sessions and was not directly invested in studying mathematics.

Moving Child supported the project through funding of the movement sessions. You can find a video (~ 4 min.) about the project here.

Motivated by the positive results and feedback of the project, Moving Child started to contact Feldenkrais teachers in order to initiate a similar project in Germany. This project is still in development.

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