Häuser der Hoffnung

The “Häuser der Hoffnung” (Houses of Hope) association aims to give girls and young women access to school education, better health, training and future prospects. Among other things, Häuser der Hoffnung supported the construction of a girls dormitory in Bamako, finances school grants and sponsorships for girls and supports the construction of schools in rural regions in Africa.

Click here to watch an Arte video (~ 2 min): Aminata lives in Kati, a city in Mali, a good hour’s drive from Bamako, the capital. But she has never been there. Aminata’s biggest dream is to be able to go to school like her brothers one day.

School education is an important cornerstone for a self-determined, creative, and free life. In Africa in particular, many children have no access to school education, be it due to the insurmountable distance to school or due to the financial situation of their parents. In order to give some children in Mali the opportunity to go to school, Moving Child financed the construction of two schools in small villages.

Moving Child also supported the girls’ center Jigiya Bon in Mali as part of the Häuser der Hoffnung program. In the center, girls and young women have the opportunity to take part in health classes, addressing issues that affect girls from puberty to adulthood: personal hygiene, protection against infectious diseases (e.g. malaria, diarrhea, HIV infection), puberty , menstrual cycle, sexuality, contraception, circumcision, etc. Classes are presented in an age-appropriate manner and the topics are handled carefully and sensitively. The girls learn to act confidently, are well informed and can thus act as disseminators in their private and school environment.

Moving Child supported the Jigiya Bon center by promoting drum lessons for women. Drumming is part of African culture, but this does not necessarily apply to women. At the Jigiya Bon Center, girls now have the chance to get to know this tradition better.

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