Institute Trauma and Paedagogy

The Institute Trauma and Pedagogy, led by Hedi Gies, aims to help shape the development of trauma pedagogy socially and institutionally, pedagogically and individually. The basic idea of the institute is the creative process of further developing and passing on trauma-pedagogical approaches, methods, and concepts. In addition to her main activity, the advanced training of professionals, it is important to her to give children and young people a place in the institute. In 2019, trauma-pedagogical training for children with complex traumatic experiences was carried out for the first time. Unfortunately, this year, due to the pandemic, another training session had to be cancelled. Moving Child supports the institute by financially supporting specialist trauma counselling for children and adolescents. The children receive advice on stressful and challenging issues in everyday life, which are often characterized by destructive coping strategies due to trauma. The focus here is on self-understanding, developing solutions together and trying to create an interface between child and parent.

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