Medica Mondiale

  • Project: Sport equipment for Medica Afghanistan employees
  • Responsible body: Medica Mondiale
  • Supported in 2015

The international non-governmental organisation Medica Mondiale stands up for women and girls in war and crisis zones throughout the world. Medica Mondiale supports women and girls having experienced sexualised violence, regardless of political, ethnic, or religious affiliation. Together with women from around the world, Medica Mondiale is committed to helping women to lead a dignified and self-determined life.

Medica Afghanistan employees are exposed to many different stress factors every day. They are confronted with the experiences of women who have survived violence, are traumatized or are in difficult life situations; for example, they represent clients in court who ran away from home to escape violence. Of course, this is mentally stressful for the employees. At the same time, women working at Medica Afghanistan often do not have many opportunities to go for a walk, visit a public gym or do fitness exercises at home. Moving Child therefore donated to the Medica Afghanistan department to enable the employees to set up a fitness room in their office in Kabul.

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