Medica Mondiale

The women working in Medica Afghanistan would like to thank you for your generous contribution to build a gym for the MA office in Kabul. The women in our team are exposed to different kinds of stress. Every day, they are listening to the stories of women who have survived violence, women who are traumatized, and women who have difficult lives. This of course exhausts their mental energy. On the other hand women working at MA do not have much opportunity to walk, go to a gym outside the office, and do exercises at home. The room equipped with fitness machines from your contribution will improve the wellbeing of these women tremendously. I on behalf of the women at Medica Afghanistan want to extend my gratitude to you for your help and support for women in Afghanistan.
Thanks again for your solidarity and we are looking forward to our future and continuous cooperation.
Equipment list:
Treadmill (running machine)
Compact bodybuilding machine (Multifunctional gym machine)
Elliptical cross-trainer machine
Abs crunch bench
Upright cycle bike
Stand punching bag
Massage chair
Yoga mat
Body weight scale
Gloves (for punching bag)
Fitness ball
Dart board

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