SchlaU Übergang Schule-Beruf

Sponsored project: SchlaU Transition School-Employment

Responsible body: SchlaU-School, Munich

Sponsorship since: 2013

At the SchlaU-School around 320 young refugees are taught in up to 20 classes and guided towards graduation. Aside from normal education they also receive individually targeted and intensive support with the aim to enable these young adults to quickly join the German school and education system. The program “SchlaU Transition School-Employment” is a holistic support program of the SchlaU-School, which accompanies alumni during their practical training or employment and ensures a lasting integration process.

If required, the SchlaU-School offers private tutoring, interdisciplinary support of competencies, and time and preparation management courses. Moreover, in acute crisis situations the teenagers have access to counselling with trained social workers. Through this support network the pupils are encouraged to continue the training programs and dropout should be prevented. In the framework of the “SchlaU Transition School-Employment” the teenagers are also counselled on questions concerning foreign law (e.g., if a change of employment position is upcoming, during occupational re-orientation, in case of pregnancy during a period of educational training, concerning education with children and infants or in times of high family stress).

The companies taking on the trainees are also supported before and during the training period by a specialized contact person.

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