Moving Child supports Hands with Hands e. V. in Nepal the construction of an orphanage near Pokhara since 2011

Hands With Hands is an association of international and Nepalese friends who work voluntarily on the vision of solidarity and togetherness. They support individuals and organizations and initiate and finance projects that promote empowerment and are based on human values. Be it in their commitment to children, the establishment of microcredits or the promotion of renewable energies: Hands With Hands focuses on long-term commitment and helping people to help themselves. Their mission statement: “Give the net and not the fish”.

Since the severe earthquake in 2015, which has been described as the worst natural disaster in Nepal’s history, Moving Child has been supporting the earthquake-proof construction of a new orphanage in the Annapurna mountain region near Pokhara. A guesthouse will be attached to this orphanage, allowing visitors and former children to visit the orphanage. Moving Child is also helping to finance the purchase of agricultural land on which organic farming is possible so that the children can provide for themselves.

Now that the new earthquake-proof building for the orphanage in the Annapurna mountain region near Pokhara has been largely completed and occupied in 2023, the children and staff are beginning to settle in. This contributes to an even greater sense of solidarity and gratitude. Plans for the further expansion of the house and the improvement of conditions are beginning to take shape.

Video (english, ca. 11 minutes)

Kira Kay, the founder of Hands With Hands e.V., talks about the effects of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal and how the population can be supported in reconstruction.


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