Hands with Hands


Sponsored projects: School sponsorship, reconstruction after the earth quake

Responsible body: Hands With Hands. Verein zur Entwicklung und Förderung

selbsterhaltender Hilfsprojekte e.V.

Sponsorship since: 2011


Hands With Hands is an association of international and Nepalese friends who work on a voluntary basis on the shared vision of solidarity. They support individuals and organizations, and initiate and fund projects that promote empowerment and are based on humanitarian values. Be it support for children, the allocation of micro-credits or the promotion of renewable energy: Hands With Hands is committed to lasting, sustainable support and helping people help themselves. Their mission statement is “supply the net and not the fish”.

Moving Child has been covering the tuition for four children since 2011. After the Nepal earthquake in 2015, which is considered the deadliest disaster in the history of Nepal, Moving Child has subsidized the reconstruction of two children’s homes and the purchase of land every year in order to support organic farming for the self-sufficiency of children.


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