Moving Child supported the Munich Ambulant Children’s Hospice Foundation RUF24, therapy costs, child-friendly funerals, house "ANNA" 2021 to 2023

The Stiftung Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München (AKM) has been caring for families with terminally ill and life-threatening seriously ill unborn babies, newborns, children, adolescents and adults throughout Bavaria since 2004, as well as seriously ill parents with minors in the household. The full-time and volunteer staff care for and support patients from the time of diagnosis and beyond death. They relieve families in these extreme psychological and physical situations and support them with a professional team of doctors, psychologists, social pedagogues, midwives and nurses. The AKM Foundation also offers other helpful and supportive projects, such as outpatient hospice work, aftercare projects (e.g. meetings for those affected, creative activities and bereavement groups) and advice for relatives. The AKM Foundation also supports “Herzenswünsche” (a project that fulfills special wishes), sibling days and vacations for the whole family. All of these offers provide moments of safety, security and normality for seriously ill children, adolescents, young adults and their families.

Moving Child primarily supported the foundation’s RUF24 (crisis intervention service) as well as therapy costs and child-friendly funerals.

One AKM project that opened in 2023 is also particularly interesting: “Haus ANNA” in Eichendorf, Lower Bavaria. Haus ANNA is a (partially) inpatient children’s hospice that bridges the gap between outpatient and inpatient care.

Haus ANNA consists of three modules:

(Partial) inpatient day and night hospice for children and adolescents, i.e. regular care for young patients during the day, spontaneously on an hourly basis if required, as well as regular care at night and over the weekend. There is also a full inpatient children’s hospice service in two family apartments to care for the whole family in special situations.
Center for outpatient care: Care advice and specialist advice for family caregivers, socio-medical and participation-oriented aftercare, outpatient children’s hospice work with constant availability and readiness for action through 24h/365day crisis intervention (RUF24).
Young living in shared flats (still in the conception phase).

While fully inpatient facilities represent a temporary alternative to outpatient care and relieve families from everyday life, day-care facilities always provide complementary relief in everyday life. In this way, the day-care sector supports parents in coping with everyday life. The opening of a further three homes is planned.

Moving Child supported Haus ANNA in Eichendorf with a generous financial donation for the interior design.

Opening of house ANNA 2023

Riding therapy

You can find out more about the AKM Foundation in our blog.

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