November 2020 – Munich Ambulant Children’s Hospice Foundation

The Munich Ambulant Children’s Hospice Foundation (AKM) is the most recent new project supported by Moving Child. The AKM Foundation was founded by Christine and Florian Bronner and has been caring for families with critically and terminally ill unborn babies, new-borns, children, adolescents, and adults as well as critically ill parents living with their children since 2004. The full-time and voluntary staff look after and accompany patients from diagnosis, through treatments, and beyond. They relieve families in these extremely trying psychological and physical situations and support them via a professional team of doctors, psychologists, social pedagogues, midwives, and nurses.

Moving Child especially supports three projects of the foundation: 1) RUF24 (crisis intervention service), 2) therapy costs, and 3) children funerals.

RUF24 is a free, 24/7 offer from the AKM Foundation. Those affected can get advice over the phone in exceptional crisis situations and the RUF24 staff will meet patients at home or at the clinic within 1-2 hours. This project offers people support and stability in stressful situations. Like the other projects of the AKM Foundation, RUF24 is financed by donations. Moving Child is so positive about the work being done by the AKM Foundation that we will finance the baseline offer of RUF24 for the next three years.

Furthermore, the AKM Foundation offers various forms of therapy for those affected and their families. However, trauma therapy, riding therapy, painting therapy, and other forms of therapy are costly, but essential for dealing with trauma and crises. The AKM Foundation pays therapy costs for patients, their siblings, and parents. Here, too, Moving Child supports the AKM Foundation’s offer and finances over 150 therapy hours annually.

The third approach that Moving Child funds is the AKM offer of child-friendly funerals. When a child dies, parents and relatives have to organize a funeral at the most difficult time of their life, which is subject to very special requirements. In order to support the families during this time, the AKM Foundation helps organizationally and financially to cope with this task.

In addition, the AKM Foundation offers other helpful and supportive projects, such as outpatient hospice work, aftercare projects (e.g. meetings with those affected, creative offers and mourning groups) and advice for relatives. But also “heart’s wishes” (a project that fulfils special wishes), sibling days, and holidays for the whole family are supported by the AKM Foundation. Further projects and donation opportunities can also be found on the AKM homepage. All of these offers allow critically ill children, adolescents, young adults and their families moments of emotional security, comfort, and at least a short return to normalcy.

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