Fundraising for Lao Friends Hospital for Children

Support of a new department which treats a disease called thalassemia

Some of Moving Child’s annual donations are used to support a department which treats a disease called thalassemia. This type of anemia, which is caused by abnormal production and accelerated degradation of red blood cells, is a hereditary disorder with an increased prevalence in the north of Laos. If left untreated, it leads to developmental disorders, damage to the heart and lung and spleen enlargement, which may have life-threatening consequences for children.

Please watch the following video for more information:

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Lao Friends Hospital for Children Fights Blood Disorder from Friends Without A Border on Vimeo.


We are delighted to thank all those who have donated so generously to the Lao Friends Hospital for Children in Luang Prabang. The first fundraising event was a very enjoyable, informative and touching evening. Executive Director Nicole Pagoursis from New York has given us her very touching account of how the children’s hospital came about and of all the children whose life was saved or greatly improved through the hospital’s medical care.



To be able to continue working on a fundamental improvement of Laotian children’s quality of life in the future, the Lao Friends Hospital for Children needs financial support.

“It is my heartfelt wish to tell you about the Laotian children’s hospital I had a chance to visit during my trip through Laos.”
Anna Schulz-Dornburg


Support of a Neonatal Unit for prematurely born babies and infants

When in 2016 the Lao Friends Hospital for Children in Luang Prabang opened its Neonatal Unit for prematurely born babies and infants, six beds seemed to be sufficient. The children’s hospital is the only place in all of Lao, where prematurely born children receive medical help free of charge. As a result, the number of babies brought there right after birth is growing steadily.

The children’s hospital is currently expanding its Neonatal Unit to double the number of beds. For this to happen, a part of the general hospital bordering on the children’s hospital needs to be reconstructed. With your donation, you will help to provide the necessary medical instruments and medication.

Many thanks!

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