Half-year report 2021

The first half of 2021 has been very busy and successful for Moving Child. Major financial decisions, intensive training, exciting project meetings and much more have determined our work. With this half-year report, we want to briefly inform about the latest developments at Moving Child.

Certified foundation management

In April, managing director Ella Lattenkamp received her certification as a foundation manager from the German Foundation Academy. The course covered important topics of everyday foundation work, such as foundation law and tax law, accounting, wealth management, and general foundation management. Whether basic data protection regulation or donation taxation, whether communication strategy or project management, the topics are now familiar. In recent months, Moving Child has implemented many of the impulses from the course. An investment strategy and eligibility criteria have been developed and guidelines for general business management have been drawn up. In addition, our application forms have been structured in an impact-oriented manner and expanded by a section about project sustainability. Moving Child feels equipped to face everyday foundation life with new confidence and embraces the new horizons.

Sustainable investment

The topic of sustainable investment is becoming more and more popular. Since a large part of a foundation’s work is financed by investment dividends and thus investment is an essential part of foundation work, Moving Child has committed itself to the sustainability of its financial activities. This issue was taken on with vigour this year. From a pre-selection of a number of banks with a sustainable concept, the two best candidates were selected, and asset management mandates were awarded. This form of investment not only allows us to tightly control in which companies we invest, but also gives a certain right of co-determination: At general meetings of the companies in which we invest, important questions can be addressed, and direct influence can be exerted on the company management. Moving Child intends to not only support projects directly, but we also want to actualise our goals indirectly through investments and thus to contribute to a sustainable and healthy life on this planet.

New projects this year

Already in the first half of 2021, Moving Child was very busy and got to know many new projects. We are proud to have found six new projects, which we will be supporting wholeheartedly in the coming years.

These projects include the AETAS Children’s Foundation in Munich, which has set itself the goal of caring for children and adolescents after a traumatic event and provides professional child crisis intervention. Their work is unique in Germany and goes far beyond emergency care. The Munich-based “initiative for children with cancer” supportst children and their relatives in this extremly difficult circumstances and relieves their burded through a variety of offers of assistance.

Our special support this year goes to the association Save the Children Deutschland. We support two projects that are particularly close to our hearts. The first is “Save back to school” in Yemen. The long-running state of war, the corona situation, as well as the destruction of many schools lead to the permanent school/education drop-out of many children in Yemen. “Safe back to school” plays a very special role here, as many parents keep their children at home because the route to school and the school themselves are too dangerous. Save the Children contacts the children, provides learning materials, and supports the return of the children to the schools. The second project is the “Corona Help” in India. Children are particularly affected by the consequences of the extremely high infection rates in May and June of this year in India. Many children are orphaned, relatives are afraid to visit and care for them. They are unprotected. The provision of food, hygiene, medication, and psychological and social assistance to children is often interrupted or not possible. Save the Children takes care of the much-needed medical and social care of children in India.

Biku and Jambo Bukoba are two associations in Munich that we started to support this year. Biku e.V. organizes free girls’ football training with an integrative approach for girls with and without a migrant background under the title “Mädchen an den Ball”. Jambo Bukoba e.V. is committed to equal opportunities, health, and education in Tanzania. Through self-designed sports units and by improving the sanitary conditions, girls and boys are given the opportunity to participate regularly and equally in everyday school life.

Our latest funding project is the Paulihof – Kinderhilfe gGmbH. The Paulihof is an educational-therapeutic living group for traumatized children and adolescents, which has its approach in education and experience with animals. The way the children and animals are treated and communicated with on this farm is very special and helps them to rediscover a feeling of protection, security, and trust and allows them to build relationships again.

Detailed information on these new projects can be found in our blog or will be published on our website soon.

Moving Child also provides active support

So far, the work of Moving Child has mainly been shaped by its financial support for projects. On its 10th anniversary, Moving Child can already look back on 32 funded projects. This year Moving Child will be operationally active on a larger scale for the first time. The “Feldenkrais in Schools” project is a project initiated directly by Moving Child. This project is mainly inspired by and in collaboration with an Israeli project that Moving Child has supported financially for several years. The project in Israel is led by Dr. Eilat Almagor (Feldenkrais teacher and neuroscientist) and has been successfully implemented since 2015.

The Feldenkrais method, named after its founder, the physicist Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais is a body-oriented learning method that helps people learn to perceive themselves more consciously. The physical access of Feldenkrais can contribute to professional and social learning. Through the mostly unfamiliar movements, children learn to perceive themselves better and to find alternatives to their usual behaviour independently and in their own rhythm. From getting to know this new world in your own self, it is only one step to appreciate the otherness of friends and strangers. Feeling yourself without judgment helps to treat each other with respect and tolerance.

Our idea is to realize Feldenkrais ‘original vision of integration and to incorporate features of organic learning into school-based learning. We focus primarily on working with financially disadvantaged children, migrants, or children with learning difficulties. All students and teachers should become more fully present in class through the movement exercises and their learning process should be more meaningful and connected with their entire being.

Due to the pandemic, the start of the project was delayed, but Moving Child is happy to have found motivated, competent, and enthusiastic Feldenkrais teachers who are happy to initiate the project and breathe life into it. We are really looking forward to the start of the project and hope to be able to report on its progress soon.

We thank all projects, whether new or old, for the wonderful cooperation and all donors for their support! We send our best and wish you a good second half of 2021!

Sincerely, your Moving Child Team

Anna, Gertraud and Ella