May 2021 – Moving Child is self-improving

A lot has happened in the last year: Moving Child turned 10 and Dr. Ella Lattenkamp joined the organization as the third managing director. In order to conduct professional and informed foundation management, Ella attended a certification course on the subject of “foundation management” at the German Foundation Academy (DSA) from January to April 2021. Since May 2021, Ella is allowed to bear the title of ‘Certified Foundation Manager (DSA)’ and Moving Child is happy about the multitude of ideas and suggestions that the course generated.

The course deals with important topics of everyday foundation life, such as foundation law and tax law, accounting, asset management, and general foundation management. Ten intensive course days and futher accompanying webinars lay the foundation for attentive, qualified work in the foundation sector. Whether basic data protection regulation or taxation of donations, whether communication strategy or project management, the topics are now familiar and can be considered in our day-to-day work. A large number of experts from the foundation sector provided insights into the most important subject areas.

Furthermore, the course was not only informative, but also a great social enrichment. Although the course had to take place online for the first time due to the pandemic, the exchange with the fellow participants was great. It was possible to exchange ideas about common problems, benefit from the experiences of the others, and acquaintances quickly formed, which have great potential for future collaborations. Preparing for exams together using the well-structured digital learning platform was also a pleasure.

In the last few months Moving Child implemented many of the suggestions from the course in a motivated and committed manner. An investment strategy was developed, a mission statement evolved, and management guidelines were drawn up. In addition, there is now an informative catalogue of eligibility criteria on our website and our application forms have been impact-oriented restructured and expanded to include the topic of sustainability. Moving Child feels armed to face the waves of everyday life with a new level of self-confidence and is happy about the many new horizons that have opened up.

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