Save the Children (Germany)

  • Projects: Save back to school in Yemen, Corona Aid in India, Emergency Relief Ukraine
  • Responsible body: Save the children (association; Germany)
  • Supported since 2021

Save the Children was founded in 1919 by teacher and social reformer Eglantyne Jebb in Great Britain and has been committed to the rights and protection of children around the world ever since. The work of the organization is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the goals for sustainable development. Children and families themselves are always included in project development and evaluation – because they can assess best which kind of help is needed. The organization has a very good international reputation and has its expenses regularly checked by independent organisations (e.g. Charity Navigator or the DZI donation seal). The DZI has been certifying that the German association uses its resources efficiently and transparently since 2011. In addition, Save the Children Germany e.V. voluntarily joined the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. The German branch of the international network of Save the Children was established in 2004.

When schools reopened for a short period of time, handwashing is practiced by children at school for safety from COVID-19 also they are provided with masks from Save the children.

Moving Child supports three Save the Children programs that are particularly close to our hearts. The first is “Safe back to School” in Yemen. The prolonged state of war, the destruction of many schools and school closings due to pandemics often lead to the permanent school/education dropout of many children in Yemen. “Safe back to school” plays a very special role here, as many parents keep their children at home because the way to and from school is too dangerous. Save the Children establishes contact with the children, distributes learning material for homeschooling and supports the return of the children to the schools. (Read more about this project in our blog post.) The second project is “Corona Emergency Aid” in India. Children are particularly affected by the consequences of the extremely high number of infections in May and June in India. Many are orphaned and defenseless. The supply of the children with food, hygiene products, medication and psychological and social help is often interrupted or not possible at all. Save the Children takes care of urgently needed medical and social care for children in India. (More info about this project can be found in our blog.)

Save the Children education team with the support of ECHO distributed school bags to 218 (103 boys and 115 girls) students in Lahj governorate. In attendance to witness the distribution were representatives from the Ministry of Education. The school is made up of volunteer teachers from the community. Currently 5 temporary tents are being used for classes at the school as building is currently underway following which the Ministry of Education will provide teachers who will be supported by Save the Children through the ECHO funded project.

Since 2022, Moving Child has been supporting a third project: “Emergency Relief Ukraine”. The conflict in Ukraine has caused the fastest and largest displacement of people in Europe since World War II. Heavy fighting, shelling and airstrikes across Ukraine have forced nearly 16 million people to flee the country, with another 7.7 million displaced internally. Children traveling across Eastern Europe are at risk of starvation, disease, human trafficking and abuse. Save the Children supports over 345,000 people in Ukraine, including almost 173,000 children. Moving Child supports this important work with a generous donation.

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